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Other Half Brewing Company

We visited Other Half Brewery this week in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Matt and Sam were nice enough to show us around and let us sample a few of their beers. If you’re an IPA fan, do yourself a favor and get your hands on some Other Half brews. The All Green Everything Triple IPA and Green Diamonds Imperial IPA were absolutely delightful! They distribute their beer to over 150 bars in the New York City Area, including Birreria, who always have a few of their beers on tap. Also, keep and eye out for their Red Wine Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout coming very soon.

Sam(pictured above) explained that their name came from the famous book How The Other Half Lives, by Jacob Riis. The name alludes to the gritty little guys that make up the other half of the brewing industry. Other Half Brewing Company has a punk rock feel to it, and it’s truly indicative of the current craft beer renaissance happening in New York. The brewing industry in Brooklyn is on its way up, and the beer keeps getting better and better.


By Nick Whitmer

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