A Sip of History

Drinking in New York Before It Was New York The history of New York City is surprisingly intertwined with the history of brewing beer in New York City. From the earliest Dutch settlers, who came to make a profit selling beaver pelts in the mid 17th century, the capitalistic atmosphere and the lack of prominent…

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Happy 95th Birthday, Prohibition

Yesterday marked the 95th anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition. Can you imagine the horror? (Maybe some of you can!) Truth be told, most New York drinkers didn’t pay too much attention to this law and were able to acquire their libations quite easily. But the unsung heroes, the brewers of the 20s, had an extremely…

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Peace out, Girl Scout. Cookies and Beer.

I must admit, I hadn’t put much effort forth into pairing beers with sweets until Spuyten Duyvil, an amazing bar we stop at on the tour, gave me a taste of dark chocolate with a nice roasted porter. The chocolate brought out its own flavor in the beer, and the faint coffee notes in the…

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You Better Not Pout. I’m Telling You Why. Braven Brew Is Coming. To Town.

Yesterday’s blog paired with the -6 degree windchill did not a happy drinker in me make. BUT! Today’s entry fills me with hoorahs! and hope! and hops! Braven Brewing, a Kickstarter-funded brewery in Bushwick, just introduced its White IPA to the public! You can read a great article about it here. Why…

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The Original Heartland Brewery Has Shut Down

I know every generation has been affected by the closings of their favorite local haunts, and our generation is no different. I’m one of the many people who believe NY is the best city in the world, a huge reason being that it’s full of one-of-a-kind stores and independent restaurants. But commercial rent is rising…

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Sour Hour

I’m torn about this new love the city seems to have for sour beers. At first taste, they made me feel like I was cheating on my staple IPA. Not with someone especially sexy; more like with someone who was sweet and quirky on the surface but turned into a crazy lunatic as soon as I questioned…

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Beer Pairings – For the Drinker Who Also Eats Sometimes

It’s coming! It’s coming! ‘Tis the season for holiday spirits, every day. Whether you love the holidays (“Welcome home, Favorite Child!”) or dread them (“When are you going to get a real job?”), you can impress the masses with some classy pairings. has put together a beer/food pairing list so we can extract as much…

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Bronx Brewery Offers Discounted Pints in Exchange for Holiday Toy Donations

We surely tend to feel more generous around the holidays, and that goes for Gun Hill Brewery in the Bronx, too. Bring them (unwrapped) toys for tots, and you’ll be rewarded with $3 tasty pints. Ho, ho, hold me back! Read more about this glorious and good-willed day right here. What: Holiday Toy Drive Where:…

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Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers

Alright, I don’t know about you, but I procrastinate in every area of my life (besides drinking beer), and this includes Christmas shopping. Usually, this results in my friends receiving gummy bears that I dumped vodka on, but THIS year, I’m going to be prepared. Melissa Stranger, a homebrewer from Business Insider gives…

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Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving!

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? We’re so excited! And you know what goes great with turkey and stuffing? Beer! Luckily, the Huffington Post has a handy guide to what beers to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. This guide comes from Brendon O’Brien, the bar manager at New York’s More »

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