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“This was the second tour my son and I took and it was just as enjoyable this time as the first time. Our tour guide, Nick, was very informative and personable, making sure everyone in the group was getting the most out of the experience.” – bengal73, 06-21-2016

“Perfect activity for friends and fellow beer lovers!  Loved the very different experiences at the four breweries!  Loved the tour guide.  Outstanding tastings/food pairings/technical details.  Unique breweries we wouldn’t have gone to on our own.” – kgfunwkend, 06-01-2016

“Every part of the trip was cool from the beer to the tour. The guide knew his stuff and made every stop very enjoyable. Get on this NOW!!!” – SeanSasso 05-19-2016

“Chose to do this activity for my 27th Birthday.  Brought 7 of my close friends and we all had the best time.  Great beer and our guide was chill and amazing.  Deff give it a two thumbs up!!!  Would recommend this for anyone.  Glad I chose this.  Thank you NY Beer and Brewery Tour for an amazing time.” -ltovar89, 05-17-2016

“This 4-hour tour included 4 stops to breweries and bars and included a lot of interesting historical facts about breweries and beer in NYC. Nick was very knowledgeable and made the tour a perfect mix of informative, laid back, and fun! You receive beer at every stop you go to and Nick even provided snacks on the bus in between stops. In addition one of the bars even includes some snacks for a beer and food pairing. I have already decided I would do this again to be able to try different seasonal beers at the breweries we stopped at!” – jessfitz4989, 04-28-2016

“Our guide was thoughtful and entertaining. I’m originally from NYC and developed a great appreciation for things I didn’t know went right in my own backyard. Highly recommend!” – Adeoliveira, 03-27-2016

“Great tour! Learned a lot of beer history and beer science, but most importantly, tried some awesome local brews. Recommended for all!” – JafNyc, 02-10-2016

“A really enjoyable tour. Covers brewing techniques, history of beer in the city, sampling and a really engaging tour guide. Top marks for Nick the tour guide. He clearly has a passion for beer in NYC.” – mafuellison, 02-09-2016

“I would definitely recommend this beer tour, both for tourists and for locals.  Nick was our tour guide, and he was absolutely great.  And, you actually get a good amount to drink (that was my fear going into it!).  You always have the option to buy more beer, but my party was fully satisfied with the amount provided by the tour.  I would recommend a small lunch before the tour, because although you get a very yummy pretzel and the food pairings were absolutely phenomenal at the third stop (probably my favorite part), it is a lot to drink on an empty stomach! But definitely leave room for beer.  Also make sure you go to the bathroom at EVERY stop (particularly after the Brooklyn Brewery, because you drive around for a while and you get to see a lot of really cool history, but there were a good 10 people in the whole group who really needed to use the restroom at the third stop, so keep that in mind). Overall, a very good experience.  5/5 stars, by far.  You get to learn a lot about New York, beer, and pop culture. The tour guide was opening and welcoming, and the people on the tour with you are generally pretty cool.  VERY SATISFIED!! :)” – sbrancaz13, 01-10-2016

“While most tourist attractions feel commercialized and fake, this tour is exactly the opposite.  We traveled around different parts of the city that we never would have visited if it wasn’t for the beer tour.  We enjoyed some great beer and some amazing food pairings as well.  The tour guide, Nick, was incredibly knowledgeable, considerate, and entertaining.  I would say that this tour was easily the best part of my NYC New Years Eve trip.” tmrozovich, 01-05-2016

“My fiancee and I had a great time on the beer tour. The guide knew a lot about NY brewery history and the stops were all great. It was very well organized and it was really good for a beer tour that there was food as well (pretzels, nuts, pickles etc.) The beer and food pairing was my favorite part and I have highly recommended it to a lot of my friends. The guide was excellent.” – cdavies4, 01-04-2016

“Well organized and informative brewery tour with plenty of beer and food samples!  Highly recommended even for locals who may think they already know the local breweries and NY beer history.” – mdowsey47, 01-04-2016

“My husband and I went on this tour for our anniversary. My husband is a big fan of craft beers and since we were visiting New York for the first time, we figured this would be a good way to see the city from a different view. Since I am pregnant and unable to enjoy the beer, our guide Nick was very helpful with booking the tour. He made sure I had soda and water options at each stop! Nick was extremely knowledgeable of the areas we toured and made it entertaining. If you are thinking about the tour, I definitely recommend it to everyone!” – kdiehl85, 11-10-2015

“Our tour guide (Nick) was extremely fun, professional, and helpful throughout the tour. He engaged everyone and gave an insightful, passionate, and comical history of beer in NYC. The stops included were fantastic as was the door to door service.” – jdmcwilliams, 10-20-2015

“I got tickets for my boyfriend for his birthday. He loves trying new and different beer, so he really enjoyed this tour! I’d definitely recommend this as a fun thing for a couple to do, or a group of friends.” – jlafata, 10-14-2015

“We had a great time on our tour.  The breweries were varied and the beer was plentiful and good.  The snacks on the bus were also good.  Our trip to New York was based in Manhattan so we enjoyed seeing the other neighborhoods too.” – gregroberts8, 10-13-2015

“I have nothing negative to say about any part of our beer tour. Learning and drinking combined fantastically. Well done.” – kevin_leahy, 10-13-2015

“The NY beer and brewery tour was so much fun! I got my boyfriend tickets for his birthday and it was such a hit. I’m not a big craft beer drinker, yet I enjoyed every beer that was given to me! I even bought a case at one of the places! Everyone on the bus was friendly and by the end of the trip we all knew each other’s names. The tour guide was hilarious and very informative. I would definitely recommend!” – amc10693, 09-23-2015

“Beer and Brewery Tour was a great experience and tons of much! Much recommended for anyone who is looking to try different beers from around NYC. Tour guides are knowledgeable of NYC and beers and hilarious! Great to do with friends or family!” – lgoing05, 09-15-2015

“Everything about the tour was great! The guide, the history, the beer, the driver, all of it. As long as you have some sort of passing interest in either history or beer, you will love this tour. If you don’t like history, you’ll still love the beer. If you don’t like beer, then why are you reading this review in the first place?” – jnjainsley, 09-08-2015

“It was a great way to spend a day touring the city and it’s breweries.  It was full of the history of beer, it’s history in NYC, snacks and of course plenty of delicious beer.  I’m a local resident and didn’t know of some of the local breweries and plan on returning to them.  I would recommend it for a beer enthusiast and rookies alike.  It will give you a chance to sample beers you might otherwise be afraid to try and learn about them. Thank you to the employees of tour guide ny, we all had a great time. Ps there has been plenty of time to sober up before submitting this review!” – Peretti, 08-31-2015

“I loved this tour, it was informative but still laid back. A great day. Our tour guide kept us entertained the whole day. I would definitely recommend this to friends.” – ACLDavies, 08-24-2015

“Lots of fun with friends. We met some nice people along the trip and had some really good beer. Highly recommend.” – Gcalla, 08-17-2015

“A different kind of NYC tour. This one you got to drink and see the sites that you wouldn’t normally see. A must for the beer lover.” – ChefAJ27, 07-22-2015

“This was the second time I purchased tickets for the NYC Beer & Brewery Tour and it just as great as the first time!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who visits New York (or lives in the city). I took my parents and they both LOVED it (& my mom doesn’t even drink beer!).” – EricaAben, 07-14-2015

“Thoroughly enjoyed our day on the beer and brewery tour.  The small group nature (only 8 of us) made it easy to meet and interact with the other guests. Nick, our guide was awesome – he really went out of our way to keep us all comfortable and happy.  I was surprised that we were also fed so well, with pretzels and the food match then the pickles.  Great surprise.  Would thoroughly recommend this tour even if you’re only just starting to discover beer. A really great day out.” – Mjkiwi, 06-23-2015

“This tour was truthfully one of the best times I have ever had. The guides were great, the places were great, and it was an all excellent time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” – bkingren, 06-23-2015

“Great experience and as an out of towner it was great to see other areas of the city that the locals hang out at. To try and visit these areas on my own would of been worse than a hangover, therefore I greatly appreciate not only the knowledge of the tour guides and the opportunity to see these establishments but the greatest advantage is having them drive you.  Thank you and would recommend to anyone who likes to drink what the locals drink and have someone else drive.” – Mcnordev1, 06-16-2015

“Our tour guide Nick was amazing, funny and extremely knowledgeable. He made the trip an amazing experience. The tickets were a gift for my boyfriend who is a beer enthusiast. I personally don’t like beer, but he loved the trip and so did I. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would love to try new things!” – Izzycal129, 05-20-2014

“I am a beer enthusiast, a home brewer, I plan a beer festival in my hometown, and have been to over 100 festivals, tours, samplings, dinners, openings, etc., and I would HIGHLY recommend this tour.  Not only do you get to sample several great beers, but you get to see the history of beer and how it has played a part in shaping NY.  A trip to NY is not complete without this tour.  Cheers!” – scarpenter01, 04-15-2014

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