Marshall StevensonMarshall Stevenson

The founder of Tour Guides of New York, Marshall is a native New Yorker who has been leading tours since 2002. Previously he worked as a journalist with the Boston Globe, AP Radio, and CBS Radio.

Nick WhitmerNick Whitmer

Nick moved to New York in 2011 to do stand-up comedy and worked at the Chelsea Brewing Company before becoming a tour guide. He performs regularly all over New York City.

Matt NedostupMatt Nedostup

Matt is a beer lover from New Jersey with a lifelong love of New York City history and culture. In addition to leading tours, he is also a writer.

Jamie SoltisJamie Soltis

The fairest of the tour guides, Jamie is a resident of Brooklyn with a deep love for New York’s exciting history. She has a long-lasting relationship with beer and likes pairing it with food, friends, and games. Jamie is also an actor.

Gina GinsbergGina Ginsberg

Gina is a stand-up comedian from Seattle. Before moving to New York City, she was a tour guide for a pub tour in Eugene, Oregon — the microbrewery hot spot of the Northwest. In New York, she performs regularly in Brooklyn and Times Square. You can also catch her hosting bar trivia in midtown.


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